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Everything you need to know

The 2014 Ambassador product brochure. Features, standards and options all in one document.

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Featuring an unparalled panoramic view and the best riding chassis in the industry, the 2014 Ambassador lets you meet the open road in style.

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Floorplans for Living

Multiple floorplan options in lengths from 36 to 40 ft. give you the space and storage you need with the quality and comfort you demand.


Roadmaster Chassis

Take the wheel of an Ambassador, and you're taking the wheel of the custom built Roadmaster RR8R chassis. Built to deliver the very best diesel motorhome experience, Roadmaster's construction utilizes advanced design and engineering, along with its eight outboard-mounted air bags and shock absorbers, to distribute stress evenly throughout the entire chassis, reducing the possibility of twisting and increasing durability and reliability. It's the ultimate foundation.



The Ambassador features a Maxxforce 10 diesel engine with 1,150 lbs./ft. of torque.


Make it Home

Choose from a stunning selection of décor and cabinetry styles and combinations, designed to surround you in comfort and luxury.





Roof Construction (top to bottom)

  • One-piece peaked fiberglass roof
  • Luaun backing
  • Thick, tapered bead foam insulation
  • Aluminum double I-beam superstructure filled with fiberglass insulation
  • Vapor barrier
  • Structure foam: thermal insulative barrier
  • 1/2" bead foam insulation
  • Foam padding for extra insulation
  • Padded vinyl ceiling

Floor Construction (top to bottom)

  • Structurwood™
  • 1-1/2" tube
  • High-performance thermal insulation foam
  • Luaun
  • 3-ply backer

Sidewall Construction (left to right)

  • Wallpaper
  • Decor Board
  • Square tubular aluminum frame
  • High performance insulation
  • Gelcoat Fiberglass composite sidewall

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