Help Us Design
Your Next Dream Coach

Luxury. Durability. Innovation. Heritage. Comfort. We’ve heard you say that these are qualities that you have come to expect from a Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Beaver or Safari coach. And we don’t take that mission lightly.

Currently our engineers and designers are at the drawing board designing the next generation of coaches and aspiring to meet the high standards that you owners have set for our products. But they can’t do that in a vacuum. They need your input. Your real life experiences, good and bad, make you experts on motorhome functionality, durability and comfort.

As I said, we’re at the drawing table right now, so your opinions will make a difference. Our mission is to build a coach that you would be proud to say, “I helped design that.”

So join our design team. Below is a link to a comprehensive survey about high end diesel coach design. Play designer/engineer and let us know what you think. Who knows? Your ideas might lead to the next great RV innovation.

Safe Travels,

Mike Snell

Mike Snell


Everyone who completes a survey prior to 8/31/2013 will be entered into a drawing for branded merchandise or other prizes. If technical problems keep you from completing the survey on-line, you may email your feedback and product suggestions to